Belkin Wemo Airpurifier is setup as a switch, instead of a fan

Since version 2021.3.0 I’ve now been able to see my two Belkin Wemo (Homles) Airpurifiers recognized by Home Assistant, but they’re setup as switches, instead of fans, so I’ve got entity_id: switch.airpurifier and switch.airpurifier2 Switching them on/off doesn’t get a response from the devices and I get an error in Home Assistant that says "Failed to call service switch/turn_off. ‘UnsupportedDevice’ object has no attribute ‘off’ " The Wemo integration only allows for manually specifying a static IP address or an emulation option, but nothing to specify if a device is supposed to be setup as a fan vs a switch.

Is there a way to force a device mistakenly setup as a switch to be setup as a fan instead?