Besmart custom_components climate


I’m working to refresh a custom climate component that I have developed a couple of years ago with HA 0.4.

My problem is that testing the backend it works right I can retrieve the data however the visualization is not working

for sure something is changed on data reporting but I cannot figure out what was changed, here my custom component

Thanks in advance for any suggestion

Thanks for doing this!
For sure I will look into it.

@boggiano I have updated it in order to make it works with HA > 0.96

I tried to setup Your component but when I got to dev tools -> states and filter it out it shows 17.8C and heating off even that I don’t have such temperature on any of my three besmarts and also for test I started heating by increasing desired temp on one of them.

Can You post some more detailed instruction how to run it? I saw Your files on github but there is a lot of Your other stuff not connected to besmart.

I did several fix in order to make it works with HA latest version and also included more control over the response coming from Besmart backend which sometime return strange values.

I know I should make it compatible with Home Assistant Community Store, but is is not an easy task since I have no enough free time.

Any chance to get it working nowadays on current HA?

right now it works on my HA 0.113.3 there is some warning but should be ok.

Bear with me I’m really busy with work and family but I’ll try to update the code (I have HA to update) with some configuration example, I’d like make a separate repo to make it works with HACS but I did have time to study how make it.

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I totally understand You, but keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile: Adjusting Domestic Hot Water along with info if it is being heated right now from the other tab in besmart mobile is what I would love to see in HA.

Do You think it would be possible to pull domestic hot water heating info from besmart same way as central heating? I would love to see some history chart how long did it take for boiler to prepare DHW.

yes, I think so but I don’t have this feature on my system

I can share the python script that I use to pull some information then if it works for you I can include on HA component.

We can try that, but I would need some info how to run it, I am not a pro when it comes to HA.