Best approach for a IP driver for a device?


I need to control some A/V devices that typically are not supported in HA neither through integrations or HACS (Audio/video matrix/switches among other things). These devices have most of time a quite simple protocol in ASCII through a telnet connection.
I have discovered the TCP integration that is working fine but not designed for that as it sends strings straight at startup of HA !
Then I discovered Telnet one where I can decide when to send commands but it only supports On/OFF commands while I need as many commands as I want for my devices.
Any ideas ? (side note: most of time I don’t really care about feedback of device, I just send commands :wink:



Shell commands using curl?

Thanks for suggestion, would have been a good solution if it was URL style command (POST/GET requests) but these devices are most of them telnet style :frowning: which can’t be done with curl as far as I know !

nc (aka netcat) is also available.
It’s more or less the equivalent of curl for plain TCP/Telnet style connections

Yep thanks for it, nc is better for that task. I wanted to use it as template for a media player device that would be my TCP/IP controlable matrix but it looks like you can only do on/off commands, it’s not extendable with my own set of commands :frowning: