Best approach for appartment door automation?

need some advice here on how to most gracefully handle our door automation

We use NUKI Openers and Locks for our Apartment that are triggered via automation, which in itself is triggered via a Webhook, that I sent via an HTTP Request app on my phone

issues are probably obvious: if anyone accidentally taps the HTTP trigger on the phone apartment doors open up (and we have a door that opens up wide when the lock is opened :sweat_smile:)

Right now I turn off the automation in HA when we go away for more than grocery shopping but Iā€™m just thinking if there would be a way maybe to ask for a PIN or something similar even on webhook? Or are there maybe more graceful ways of handling this door situation?

Hi there if you are worried about accidental operations from your UI, you can check out

which can put a pin lock on the card so avoiding accidental operations.