Best approach to set up hue light automation

I’m new to HA and I’m just getting the grips of it. There’s a few automation’s I can think of for my hue lighting, but I’m a bit confused about how they will work with the existing rules on the hue bridge.

e.g. I want to set up a rule that says: If a smart plug is OFF and no motion is detected for 30s then turn the light off. If smart plug is ON then turn the light on.

However won’t the existing rule for the motion sensor created by the Hue App get in the way of these automation’s if I set them up on HA?

Is it best practice to delete all the rules that the Hue app created when I originally set up my lights, and then re-create them in HA? If so, is there a quick way of converting them or something? (as many will remain the same)

Any advice around this area would be appreciated.

I don’t know whether it’s ‘best practice’, but personally I would move them all over to HA to ensure that you don’t have two conflicting sets of automations in two places. I suspect that would lead to a few migraines somewhere down the line. Plus then integrating them with further devices/automations at a later date will be easier.

I doubt there is a quick way to convert them across, but then I never tried using the Hue automations as I already had HA when I bought my first Hue stuff so I can’t really comment on that. The ‘scenes’ literally copy over in the sense that you just tell the hue hub the name for the predetermined scene already saved within, and it activates it, so maybe you could integrate your automations in the same way (‘trigger automation’ script in HA just effectively symlinks to the automation in Hue?), I don’t know.