Best BR30 bulb TP-Link?


Just playing around at this point with HA using I have several switches and other devices operational with a few automations. I wanted to start playing with scenes a bit and was looking for a color bulb to put in place of the BR30 bulbs I currently have in my family room.

I first started to look at the Hue bulbs, and was just about to go that route and get a few bulbs and hub, but then I came across the TP-Link LB230 bulbs. The LB100 through the LB230 bulbs show they are supported in HA. Anyone have any experience with the LB230 or LB2xx bulbs in general? If they work, are you able to adjust the color via HA?

Any other bulbs I should be looking at?

The LB230 bulbs are on sale in the U.S. right now, 2 for $45. Link below:

I connected a few color TP-Link bulbs to Home Assistant and they are pretty responsive as it connects through the local network. You can adjust the color in the ‘more-info’ section of the bulb. I’m going with these bulbs as they are the cheapest color bulbs you can get.