Best camera/doorbell that can be 100% integrated in HA?

Hi there,

I am new to HA but read that i can also integrate camera’s and video doorbell. Because i haven’t bought a camera/doorbell yet i like to know which camera / doorbell brand integerates 100% with HA?


Mark - The Netherlands.

Hi Mark,

I have the Reolink doorbell which integrates very well in HA.

Thanks @joske751 … this seems to be the perfect video doorbell for me :wink:

Do you know if the security camera from the same brand are availble that connect also to HA?



There is a list of tested models here:

Hi @Nettuno69 thanks for the list. I read that battery camera’s are not supported yet. I have to place the camera on a spot without power cable but only wifi. Do you know maybe another brand were i can buy a Wifi camera without power supply (battery or solar)?

Greetings and thanks for your answer sofar,