Best camera (wireless and wired) to integrate in Home Assistant and use own cloud solution?

Just need to store events, so no need for 24h storage. Also not really interested in recognition software, just motion activation is enough.

What is the best brand that allows our own cloud (no subscriptions)?


Motioneye - this was my go to before frigate. Worked perfectly and easy to setup. Playback was slow(5yrs ago) so I switched. Not sure of its state now but it was very well designed

Shinobi - it seems decent but in never could get it running well. This was my setup issue. That said, from the short amount I used it it looked promising

Frigate - what I use now. Works very well, playback is smooth and fast. Lots of options. It mostly for onject detection but pretty sure you can setup to capture motion only.

I’d avoid Reolink unless all your cams are wired. The wireless/battery cams don’t support ONVIF. Unfortunately I purchased a few based off bad information. Synology struggles with them as well. :rage:

others told me reolink are the best for integration in home assistant …? Ok noted not the wireless ones

I love their cams, battery style don’t support the functions necessary.

***i still use 3 on my property because the night vision is solid

I use ZoneMinder running on my local cloud to capture and process my various camers. You can add code to it that will do object detection. It’s a great feature if you decide to make your smart house also act as an alarm system. I have a couple of these FOSCAM camera’s inside the house. I like the Dahua N24CB33 controlled via Onvif as an outside camera. As I’ve had these camera’s for multiple years you’d probably need a newer model. If you want the cameras outside the most important thing you should do is use a separate IR source so you don’t end up with spiders in front of the camera in warm weather. The FOSCOM cameras require you to use their app to set them up, but once set up you can process the stream locally.

I use Amcrest POE cams. Avoid wireless models.

I turn off IR and set to color only, never black and white. The low light performance is good enough where if you are in city with street or house lights it’ll be better than b/w with led. I’m in country with virtually zero light and moonlight is enough in many cases.