Best channel for Zigbee is 26?

According to the channels that wifi uses, I would be wise choosing channel 26. However, others mention that not all devices are compatible. Has anyone some experience with that?

I am using Philips Hue and Aqara sensors.

My wifi is on channel 1 and 6, no wifi on channel 11 and above.

I have 3 access points. So the whole wifi spectrum. Also my neighbours’ wifi channels are all over the place (not on the 1, 6, 11 scheme).

I don’t notice any issues with wifi or zigbee using Ch11. Though I really should shift everything to Ch15 or 20. Maybe next time I get some routing devices.

The point is, even when you set it up incorrectly (as I have done) there is little noticeable difference.

Channel 26 is transmission power limited in North America (and possibly elsewhere), and not supported by all devices. That said, I had no issues with Aqara on 26 (not in North America) and only switched because I bought Konke devices which don’t support it.

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So 25 would be next best when accounting compatibility?

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I have channel 1 (wifi) and 11 (zigbee) in use and it seems to miss sensor signals from the door sensors when there is a lot of traffic. So I want to have the least possible interferences.


But you need to check and see where the WiFi access points around you are.

Well, that’s the worst possible choice.


My Fritzbox doesn’t even show other wifi (other than mine). So I guess using 1 and 6 gives plenty of distance in the upper bands when using channel 25.

On this topic — we have an Eero mesh network that’s using wifi channel 5 for our 2.4GHz network. I’m not familiar with this channel, but I’m guessing there might be some interference with our Zigbee network, which is currently on channel 11. Would it be worth switching Zigbee to channel 24 or 25?

We’ve got almost 100 devices, so I’m hesitant to make a change unless I’m sure it’ll help — there are a handful of endpoints that are currently refusing to create network routes, despite us having repeaters everywhere.

From this article:

Zigbee 11 is likely clear of WiFi on channel 5. It won’t be clear of any neighbour’s WiFi on channel one though.

I notice that whenever the power goes out in the neighborhood, all the neighbors’ access points come back using different channels. Sometimes the WiFi devices at the fringes of my network suffer.

But as @tom_l says, I haven’t seen this with my Zigbee mesh. There was one remote device once which I suspected had the problem, but it’s been working fine since then so I’m not really sure if that was the cause.