Best configuration of my camera to stream to a Nest Hub?


I have foscam camera’s and tried to stream to my nest hub.

This didn’t work well (25 seconds behind the real world), so I created a proxy of them :

  - platform: proxy
    entity_id: camera.fi9900ep_voordeur
    name: Camera Voordeur Streamen
    stream_quality: 75
    mode: crop
    max_stream_width: 640
    max_stream_height: 400

This works a lot better, but I wonder if I could ameliorate it…

2 problems :

  • black stroke left and right of the screen
  • moving on the screen not very fluent

Hi, did you figure it out ? I am trying the same but can’t stream to my nest hub. I waa wondering if you could share your automation yaml


I did it differently…

I created a dashboard specifically for my nest hub. Within that dashboard I created a view (panel) for each camera. When I want a camera on my nest, I cast the relevant view on my nest.

          - service: cast.show_lovelace_view
              entity_id: media_player.nest_hub_living
              dashboard_path: nest-hub
              view_path: camera-voordeur

Thanks for sharing!
So does it resolve the delay as well? I have like 10-20 secs delay but I suspect this is related to Google pub/sub implementation

I didn’t get livestream working properly (my whole network went down), so I use the auto view :

  - camera_view: auto
    type: picture-glance
    entities: []
    camera_image: camera.camera_voordeur_mainstream
      action: none
      action: none

I have 7-8 secs delay, indeed related to Google…