Best device to act as a ZHA (ZigBee) repeater?

I currently have the HUSBZB-1 and while z-wave works great, I find I need better coverage for my zigbee devices… I have tried the Sylvania Smart Home 72922, and while the work great, I don’t think they repeat… I may have the wrong revision one…

Anywho, does anyone have a good recommendation?

I’m using deconz, and hav a few tradfri switchable sockets, they seem to work well as repeaters. Certainly some low power, battery sensors I was struggling with are noticeably more reliable since I put a socket in the same room.

I also use the HUSBZB-1 usb stick and have about 10 assorted Xiaomi sensors. I tried both the Tradfri bulbs and outlets as repeaters with no luck.
I then tried the CC2531 flashed as a router and it works to repeat Xiaomi sensor signals.
I have the cc2531 from when I was using zigbee2mqtt but I have since switched to ZHA.

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hmmm, i may have to try that.

Would you be able to go into a little more detail on the CC2531 as a repeater? Having some zigbee range issues and bulbs just aren’t cutting the mustard.


FYI, advice on Zigbee range extending can be found here -> Advice on Zigbee range extending