Best device to use

I’ve been using on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, but recently the SD card (its pretty new too), and I want to either find a way to boot from USB on the Pi or use an entirely different device instead of the Pi. I have a Desktop PC I use for Plex and FTP, could I reliable run HA on that without disrupting the current Windows 10 Pro installation? If necessary I would be willing to install a Linux distro, it will just require me more work in transferring my files.
Please recommend me something, all feedback appreciated, thanks.
**Edit: I can buy another computer like orange pi or nuc or something, as long as it isnt too expensive. **

If you have another computer that’s half decent performance wise is install Linux and use docker containers

Last month I went from a Rasp to an old Laptop (used by two boys for school, and now I’m using it).
Installed Ubuntu, docker and then hassio. I also have a zWave usb stick, and it all works fine.
I’m in the process of moving all my stuff over - guess it could have been done in a better way, but it also gives me an option to get rid of all my legacy stuff.

Now - is it better ? the Rasp is working fine - besides my two SD card failures. Reboot on the pc takes only a few seconds, maybe because I only have a couple of weeks of data… but it looks and feels better :wink:


Thanks. Since I know nothing about Linux, I used my extra desktop that i use as a file and plex server and installed in a VirtualBox VM on Windows 10. It is craazy fast compared to the Pi, especially since i am using an SSD.
I dont mind it stopping for a couple minutes every few weeks for a windows update, I also have win10 pro so i can delay updates.