Best Devices to Monitor Energy/Power Usage

Hey Guys

Just joined this network and the information is soo much. Loving it.

Im planning my home layout as we are building, and one of the first things I want to do is make the switches smart and monitor energy consumption for the bedrooms.

So i guess im seeing what works best for products.


I have not considered something don’t hesitate to let me know! This is soo addicting what can be done!

Hi Cloudbr34k,
Welcome to your new home here, if you are that interested, we may find you here often.

Before we suggest, could you please let us know if you would be building the required circuit on own or you want to buy from available ones in the market?

Hey thanks for replying! I been doing heaps of research so i know you get some pretty expensive ones, right down to some cheap ones.

Im not technically minded so i would be buying one :slight_smile:

Sorry I was away so couldn’t reply, if you want, you can buy compatible switches like Sonoff and make use of lots of tutorials available online to get it work with Hassio.