Best euro cylinder smart lock

I’ve been looking for a good smart lock for a while now. My target is a reliable out of the box integration with HA. I’ve limited my options to Nuki, sesame and Danalock, but each seem to have its problems. Nuki only sells V2 and I’m not sure if that’s integrated with HA by the provided component. Sesame doesn’t seem to be a reliable option and only works over the cloud. I am leaning towards the Zwave version of Danalock, but I’ve seen so many people having integration issues.
Local communication is a big plus. I try to avoid using cloud solutions when possible.

I would really appreciate any advice before pulling the trigger on any of these locks as they’re not really cheap.

I’m also looking at similar options. Same criteria… Was considering the Yale one with zwave modual


This looks very interesting… Unfortunately I didn’t come across it before deciding on Nuki. I’ll see how that goes and maybe try Yale on the other door.

Please post how you get on with the Nuki, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.


Not an encouraging start to be honest. It’s been almost 10 days since I purchased the lock, and they haven’t shipped it yet.

Does the Nuki fit over a standard UK type euro cylinder lock? The website video seems to show a flush mounted oval cylinder or euro cylinder as opposed to what is often fitted in the UK which projects from the door and is surrounded by a trim…

Photo about half way down this page shows the cylinder surrounded by the white trim