Best EV charger with integration from home assistant


I am currently charging my car by reading my digital electricity meter meter (Belgium) from it’s P1 port and when I am getting injection to the net, triggering the EV 220V 1-fase basic charging (socket) device.
However, charging stops frequently because of errors (I am thinking the sometimes fast switching from on/off).
I would now like to get a wall charger station to do the same with.
Any thoughts on which charger have the best integration?
Have been looking into

Thanks for your feedback

I’m interested in this as well.

I have my EV on order, and getting a 3-phase installation later this year. I want my home charger integrated in Home Assistant.

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We must be pioneers :slight_smile:

Yesterday I came across this integration (via Tweakers: Het grote "thuis laden van je EV" topic. - Verkeer & Vervoer - GoT)

This certainly looks promising, have your charge point support the open standard OCPP, and through HACS and the OCPP integration you “should” get all the values you need in HA and even control your charge point.

This is pure theoretical, I have not done any of the installations so far.

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Well the biggest probleem I have is that my BMW charger (220V), when switching on and off (solar panel injection) goes into error or the car itself says: voltage too low after a few time switching.
I have to manually extract the charger from the car en put it back again to continue charging

does someone know if it’s possible to have 2 OCCP queries? e.g one towards a central CPO that allows public charging, but also get the ocpp towards HA, e.G. when my car is plugged ?


I have at the moment a mobile charger, plugged into a zigbee smartplug, which I control using zigbee2mqtt. Not ideal, but it works. No control of the current, just on/off. It works on a Skoda PHEV.

For North American users the tesla wall charger may be the best bet. We used it previously with a model Y but have started using it with new car, a Cadillac Lyriq by way of an adapter. Though API connectivity was not mentioned the newest version was reviewed on the state of charge youtube channel as being highest rated.