Best HA compatible Gas Boiler


I am going to replace our old Junkers gas boiler and I am trying to find out which of them are actually smart enough to be connected to HA. It’s pretty daunting tbh. If there is any integration, it’s usually only via their Cloud portal (which goes against my principles of local and open-first, but better than nothing). Is there anything specific I should look at or does anyone have any recommendations?

From the options I have, I consider the following gas boilers:

  1. Vaillant VU 25CS/1-5 ecoTEC (something like this?, also through cloud)
  2. Viessmann Vitodens 100 W 24 kW (probably with Vitoconnect and their API, I found this: Viessmann Component - #343 by adorobis)
  3. Buderus Logamax plus, GB122i-24 (24 kW) + Logamatic RC310 (no idea if/how)
  4. Junkers ZSBR 28-3E (I guess with some EasyControl controller? does it have opentherm?)



I was notified because you linked my post (vaillant/multimatic integration). Here is my 2 cents (only from IT perspective):
The Vaillant/multimatic system is quite stable now (they had few issues at the beginning). On the other hand, the API vaillant offers is not complete, there are plenty of things you can’t configure/access through the API (like heating curve, anti-legionella schedule, max temperature of the circuit, etc.). You can still configure everything you need on a daily basis of course.

You should also be aware that, for now, the integration is only working with VRC-700 (=multimatic application) and as far as I know, it’s being replaced by VRC-720(= senso application). There are some work in progress to include the VRC-720.

In a more general way, I would recommend to keep it local to avoid cloud dependencies (says the guy who has cloud dependencies :sweat_smile:).

I know there is also GitHub - john30/ebusd: daemon for communication with eBUS heating systems

Hope it helps,


You can also check which of those systems have modebus or KNX interfaces - that is fully local but migh require more costly devices (for KNX only you need the heater module, the KNX power supply and the IP-KNX gateway/router). Or you take the internet gateway and connect via the cloud API (like for Viessmann) for fraction of the price.

And btw, after reviewing available HA integrations it seems that Viessmann is the most advanced (lucky me :slight_smile: ) out there allowing for much more control than any other brand…

Yeah, thanks, that’s what I concluded :man_shrugging: