Best hardware to automate electric shutters?


can you recommend some options to make electric shutters smart? (using Home Assistant)

I found some flush mount options, but Iam not sure, if its easy to make that fit… I found one option, that comes with a switch: Shutter actuator for brand switches | Homematic IP
=> but I would prefer something with WiFi or ZigBee…

We want to start our journey with Home Assistant, so Iam not sure where to find hardware recommendations.

Thank you!

Are you looking for a shutter or a shade? I have no exp in shutters, but we have had pretty good luck with the Broadlink RM4 Pro mixed with the Allen and Roth shades, if the goal is to cut out light.

For shutters, Iam from germay - we use them a lot here ^^

Hi, I use the Shelly 2.5 for all my shutters (also from Germany). They use Wi-Fi, are mounted in the wall behind your shutter switches and work really well. I am using them for 10 shutters and the outdoor lamp and socket. Works like a charm.

Yeah, it was on my list, too… But I thought, a whole “switch” would be easier to assemble ^^ At least the Shelly 2.5 seems to be kinda small. There are some threads about “heating problems” with the 2.5… hmmm

I found a successor, the “Shelly PLUS 2PM”. I might give it a try. :slight_smile:

One question about Shelly: Some Home Assistant users seem to use another firmware (Tasmota) on Shelly - is that useful to do?

Not for the Shellys. There is a direct integration available. It‘s needed for other hardware. You should check if the 2pm is already supported by the Home Assistant integration before buying

Not sure how to check that. There seem to be different ways to integrate it. But I found this and it supports the Shelly PLUS 2 PM :slight_smile: =>