Best HomeBridge settings with Hass.IO

Hello guys!

I’m not a very experienced user but managed to get HomeBridge working with Hass.IO using SSL.

Here is my config.json:

  "bridge": {
    "name": "Home Assistant",
    "username": "B8:27:AB:B8:C2:6C",
    "port": 51826,
    "pin": "123-45-678"
  "description": "Homebridge for Home Assistant",
  "accessories": [],
  "platforms": [
      "platform": "HomeAssistant",
      "name": "HomeAssistant",
      "host": "",
      "password": "mypassword",
      "default_visibility": "visible",
      "supported_types": [
      "logging": true,
      "verify_ssl": false

I’ve also bought an used iPad Mini 2 and set it up as HomeKit device to use Home App outside my house, over 4G.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and started to notice a few things, so here are a few questions since Home app takes a while to update states:

  1. Is my configuration host correct (should I use my DynDNS domain or local IP)?
  2. Is my iPad possibly slowing thing out, since is connected to wifi? If so, can I do something about it?
  3. Does working with an Apple TV using Ethernet connection make things update faster?
  4. I was not able to use covers with Home app. I’ve set it up as template cover and optimistic mode on.
  5. Is anything else you can advice me?

The most problematic issue with this is that I have an alarm system that works with RF commands (using Broadlink remote). When I get out of the elevator, Home App takes about half a minute to update (even though my phone is already connected to wifi) and I have to wait outside my apartment to update the icon so I can disarm the alarm and get in… Also to open my garage door (RF) using 4G.

Thank you very much guys for your time and attention. I really appreciate this community!