Best integrated thermostat 2020?

Hi, I was looking through the forums and most seem a little older. Wanted to see your opinion on best thermostats for Central AC (United States). That’s integrates well with home assistant. I currently have a radio thermostat that works ok but it is zwave and comes into HA with 2 different channels heat and cool.

I am open to zwave or wifi.

I used to use a pucka danfoss z wave thermostat but as I change the setpoint according to time of day and occupancy.
So then I just used it as a sensor.
Using the HA generic (software) thermostat instead.

I’ve recently changed it to a qubino (still z wave but this time mains powered) thermostat
I’ve built it in to a lamp using the switch for the lamp, and read the sensor in the normal way and the sensor just hangs out the back of the base upto 1m
It was also cheap (new on ebay about $25)

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