Best LOCAL hardware for chime


I have an Amcrest video doorbell, and I want to let some chimes in different rooms ring. Problem is I don’t have chimes :slight_smile:

The connection between Home assistant and the Amcrest have been made.

I looked into : MrDIY / MrDIY Audio Notifier · GitLab with a cheap speaker directly soldered on a the ESP. But it creates a very high sound.

Also looked into Google home/nest mini, but it seems likes it needed internet connection ( Is this still true? I want to disable Mic and Internet, only want to play a local mp3 when the doorbel button was pressed.

Do you guys know another goog solution? preferrable something like ring chime, to just directly plug into the 230v wall outlet and something not too big.

@SMAW did you find something for this? I’m after the exact same thing

Hey kson,

Only thing I’ve found and gonna try to build is : GitHub - aspork42/speaker: Smart Speaker for DIY Home Automation
This one should remove the high sounds.

Are you referencing the volume or the frequency of the sound?

No it just creates a very high frequency tone… very annoying.