Best local-only wireless camera (not battery-powered) w/ motion sensor

I have a couple of the older Wyzecams with the Dafang Hacks firmware installed. These work OK for my purposes - I was hoping to get another but seems the newer models haven’t been hacked yet so I can’t install custom firmware. Would like to get another camera that offers equivalent functionality (a binary motion sensor in Home Assistant, wireless, powered via a regular power outlet, and where cloud connectivity is not required). Any suggestions?

My go to brand is always Foscam. I have 7 of them (two of them bought in the last month - one to replace an older one and one for an additional location).

Thanks! I had a Foscam years ago. Would you recommend any particular model? Can you have it act as a motion sensor to trigger automations and capture an image when motion is sensed? Also, can you pull the feed into an app like TinyCam to view on an Android TV?

No model in particular. In my experience they change models regularly as tech improves and I haven’t had any complaints with any of them.

All the cameras I have have built-in motion detection but I don’t know if they all do (I would assume most do if not all). They all have on-board recording to an SD card but I’ve never used it so I can’t say how well it works. The cameras have an onboard API so that access the motion detection events directly from the camera to HA.

I use Blue Iris as my NVR system which does all of the recordings. I highly recommend it as it has lots of features. It can also integrate with HA to provide motion detection signals as well.