Best local-only (zwave, zigbee, LAN) thermostat for a dual fuel system?

I’ve had a nest for a few months now and it has finally annoyed me for the last time (battery wont hold a charge). I originally picked it up because I was pretty new and didn’t have any experience with zwave or zigbee and I needed a thermostat that could handle my duel fuel system (heat pump + gas).

I’m thinking of replacing it now but I would love some feedback on what other people have done here. Are there any local controlled thermostats that support dual fuel, and more importantly, let you control when the alternate fuel is used?

On the nest one of my biggest gripes is that the temperature it uses to decide if the gas furnace will start up is not exposed to the API. So at best, I can guess when the heat pump will be running vs not. Which is pretty annoying. The app doesn’t even really differentiate between fuel sources on the “consumption” page. Obviously the heat pump runs for way more hours than the gas system but is just lightspeed cheaper where I am.