Best mainstream infrared remote that integrates with HA?

I’ve been checking both BroadLink RM4 Pro and MOES ‎UFO-R1 but any of the two have a straight forward integration with HA with many complaints for the issues they give

I was wondering if any of you have been able to spot an simpler device that integrates easier.

Kind regards

I have the Broadlink RM3 mini and RM4 mini (I do RF via Sonoff) and despite teething issues many versions ago I have no issues with them now.

I do use the SmartIR custom component exclusively though, so maybe my experience is different.

I have bought both RM3 and RM4 mini to test them out in two rooms

What is the Smart IR used for in this case? I’m able to control several IR elements just by connecting them with the IR codes (I can simply use the service Remote: Learn Command) so I don’t feel the need of having to use another component to manage those IR codes unless I’m missing something???

My main reason for using SmartIR was the availability of ready made, easy to install IR code libraries for the devices I wanted to use. You can also make your own IR code files and share with the community, but if you are capturing the codes anyway it really doesn’t matter if you use SmartIR or the direct method.

Interesting, maybe there are libraries for some of my machines. I barely configure the basic 2 on and off buttons per machine.

I use script moe’ ir blaster zigbee mqtt very responsive.

@Jamdown I bought it also, but it not working at all! Did everything that was described:

  1. Connect to zigbee2mqtt
  2. learn it code
  3. send MQTT message
  4. in the MQTT logs the code has been sent
    but nothing happened if I sent commands via HA (or even ZigBee messages)… Is it working for you even now?