Best Media Player to use as Loud Speaker

I have deepstack running against my driveway camera, detecting people after dark and sending text to speech notifications to the bedroom via google home mini.

I would also like to send the mp3 audio clip to a second speaker or device that will be very audible to potential nightwalkers on the driveway.
(I will be using the home alone sound clip: “Hey!, I tell ya what I’m gonna give you Snakes. I’m gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property, before I pump your guts full of lead!” … etc etc)

I have tested this out by pumping the audio to google home mini and it works fine,. but not loud enough…

Could anyone recommend some other audio device or solution that will be louder but also still relatively easy to integrate?
Also something that is fully on-prem with no cloud component would be ideal.


I did something really simple.
I plugged a USB speaker into a raspberry pi running Kodi.
I use HA to send TTS (Text-to-speech) to the speaker, it works quite well. I can also play any music or sound file; and if I ever wanted to.

It looks like there is such a thing as a a Chromecast audio. I hadn’t heard of that before today.
Not fully on prem but seems like it could be a quick easy solution for now combined with a larger speaker.

This might be a good long term plan . I wonder if I could run it on the same pi as octoprint…

I have a Chromecast Audio, but Google have discontinued them, so you might struggle to buy one.

Do you have nearby neighbors? How do they feel about your plan to install a loud exterior PA system?

Do they perceive it as a neighborhood benefit or annoyance?


Fair question. I’m not looking to wake up the neighbors, but I need just a bit more volume then a Google home can provide. The speakers will probably be in the garage or the soffit so need to be loud enough to be heard through the garage door. Also this will trip only on person detection between midnight and 5am. There have been virtually no false positives so far with this setup piping to the bedroom over the last 3 months.

For what its worth, just surprised my first night crawler tonight (2am) with the home alone clip plus flasing blue and red christmas lights.

so satisfying…


Which Speaker do you use?