Best method for notifying with a picture on Android

I’d like to start by stating that I’m very new to HomeAssistant, and don’t know how to program. I’ve been trying to setup a notification on my Android that includes a picture. For troubleshooting, I’ve followed this guide: using the image listed. My phone however shows the notification, but no picture. Clicking on the notification brings me into the App.

I’ve not tried any other apps, but am willing to purchase one if needed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

For anyone who finds this:

It took me a fit to figure it out, but the “HA Client” android app does not support pictures yet. The app “Ariela” does, but you’ll need to change the service. For instance, with my phone I was calling the service “notify.mobile_app_pixel_3a_xl” to notify HA Client. If you use Ariela, you’ll need to call the service “notify.notify”. If you want to send to one device only, you’d use “notify.notify.pixel_3a_xl” as the call service. “notify.notify” sends to all devices supported (I believe). The name of your device would be under the “Integrations” page.

Here is my JSON for anyone wanting to test:

		"title": "cam",
		"message": "move",
		"data": {
			"image": ""

This may seem common sense to everyone else, but it took me a bit to figure it out. Hopefully it helps someone else.

Hi @nateleduc
Sorry for late reply, I was not getting the notifications in this forum section. Indeed HA Client is not supported additional data in notifications yet.

Hi @estevez

I followed the instructions and yes, could not get an image notification.

Is this planned?

im using Telegram to send pictures and messages (for free) to my Android phone

Hi @jamesarbrown. This forum section is dedicated to HA Client - an unofficial Android app for Home Assistant developed by me. But you are referencing to the documentation of official Home Assistant companion app.