Best method to display 2nd low-res stream on Hikvision camera in lovelace

Hello - I have a camera pointing at my front gate, with the switching mechanism controlled by tasmota via HA lovelace dashboard, using nabucasa.

I also use lovelace to browse the security cameras, which is fine at one frame every 10 seconds, but insufficient if I want to view the front gate.

I have enabled the second stream on the camera and changed it to ffmeg/jpg snapshot, which works fine just by adding a picture card with the url http://admin:[email protected]/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/102/httpPreview, but this does not display via lovelace & nabucasa.

The hikvisioncam switch device added via configuration.yaml does nothing, the above URL gives 403 forbidden or blank image if I add a generic camera, ONVIF device only displays the primary stream which is too detailed and slow for any decent use, plus it’s stream is constantly used by the NVR.

Is there any other way that I can have the second low-res 320x240 stream up on lovelace at a decent framerate?

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If you use the low-res stream with the generic camera then that’s likely your simplest option - it’s exactly what I do, using that RTSP h.264 feed.

That method doesn’t work via nabucasa, unfortunately - ONVIF does though, which I find odd.

Sign up for the free trial and see if you camera displays ok

The low res stream is working through Nabu Case, setup with a generic camera. Both for browser version and for IOS app.

Im using this as the streamsource
rtsp://HA:[email protected]/Streaming/Channels/102

UDP for tranport and DIGEST for auth.

So you are using the homeassistant login creds instead of the camera creds? What camera are you using?

Can I see your configuration.yaml for this camera?

I do not have YAML configuration, since 2022.04. It was moved to GUI.

The user is created directly on the camera. I just called the user for “HA” to remember it easily. It is a Hikvision camera

The feed is shown in Lovelace using the Picture Clance card. It works with both the high-res and low res. The highres on channel 101, the lowres on 102

It works using Nabu Casa access from remote sites.

Here is screenshot of the configuration from GUI (if you know how to access it in YAML I will copy it)

I’m using 2022.00 - Will upgrade now - this may be why my setup isn’t working - Will upgrade and test then let you know - Thanks for the help with this