Best most powerful zigbee stick?

Hi, is there anything about your stick better/different/worse than ZZH! (zig-a-zig-ah!)?

Yes, starting today order will processed on website.
But we cant at the moment payment on website is not possible.
Only direct payment. Also soon will be added to Tindie.

If you can help me with a test order or real one please let me know.

Also pictures will be updated today:

If you can help me with a test order or real one please let me know.

Hello, yeah is different from ZZH, is using CC2652P, what have incorporated 20 dbm amplifier.
Check for all information.

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Woah, that sounds very promising. What is the estimated shipping time? The order page doesn’t state that (ordering from the Netherlands). Might want to order 3 pieces (for now).

Shipping will occur 2 time weekly, delivery from Germany, insured and trackable( i think is fast in EU thru DHL)
Will have soon a local seller in Netherlands. He already sold many of my sticks on : and .

Anyways is still a lot of work on website( pictures, instructions) and shopping system, will improve it ASAP.

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and many other surprises are coming in following week.

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Thanks, I found the seller and am in contact with him. Let’s see if it’s cheaper for me to buy from him or straight through you in bulk ;).

Sure, just tell me how you want me to help. I am OK to place a real order.

What are the other surprises coming in the following week though?

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You can order on the site, if you’re in EU you get a BIC/IBAN for easy payment. I did a few days ago.

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Site is fully accepting real orders now(PayPal, IBAN) or directly on Tindie, processed already 9 order fully and shipped them already.

LAN Coordinator and hopefully Wi-Fi also, in very tiny factor.
Anyway i need some help with 3D cases for them. I hope users will help with this.

Francis your order in on the way, i hope you receive all tracking information. Please come back with a review or any comments they will be much appreciated in case anything need to be improved.
For support you can find all contact information HERE

Yes, I received it.

Hi mercenaruss,

I am happy that you sorted the payment through the site. I am placing my order now.

Regarding the stick’s firmware, what is the difference between the “Custom Z2M with LED” and the “Z2M no LED”? I am running Home Assistant and ZHA on a RPi4 . Which one should I get?


Both of them are based on KoenK original firmare,single difference that have 2 lines of code for LED Indication of paring and packages.

Any,you can change firmware in 10 seconds anytime.

Thank you for your interest in our Stick, didnt expect such interest. We are almost sold out.
Daily we prepare up to 10 pcs and drop them at PACKSTATION do be processed.
The amount of orders is very big and we try hard to send FAST as POSSIBLE.
We process the orders by time they arrive, one after another. If you received your tracking number, be sure you already in queue.



When do you expect to have stock again? tried to buy through tindie or your website, but both are out of stock,


Hello, will have stock in 2 weeks, we are sold out in just 6 days :slight_smile:

That’s because you’re doing a great job!

just ordered the lan gateway to test it.

I am living in Moscow is it possible to get these without the import tax?

Also can the network/ESPHome version work with HA?
I don’t really want to rely on plugging it into my HA server.

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