Best option to cast dashboard to Google Hub and have photos screensaver

I currently use my google hub mostly as a digital photo display. I’d like to cast my dashboard on it but still have the photos display when the dashboard goes idle.

There is the WallPanel integration but this one does not work with the official Google Cast integration. Some people have mentioned DashCast but this has issues to get it to work and there is no support.

Does anyone have a working solution which includes other options?

Are you looking for

Never tried myself, tbh

Thanks for replying, but I know this exists.
This works for casting, but not for the photo requirement. I basically want the dashboard to be cast at all times, but after a short time that a screensaver kicks in which shows my photos.

But I don’t know how to achieve this.

Doesn’t the cast device itself has a screensaver?
Typically, Google allows you to use Google photos items, there.

I don’t think I have seen something like that purely in HA, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists :wink:

I tried, but it doesnt go into screensaver mode, I try once more

You might have to stop casting HA for the device to enter screensaver, though

Like you have mentioned, I currently have this setup using dashcast and wallpanel with google photos integration

Could you share some info on your setup of dashcast? I cannot get past the ‘login’ screen and have tried searching everywhere!