Best option to run Dashboard on Tablet


i want to build HA dashboard and run it on wall tablet,

1- what is the best option? Lovelaece ? HADashboar? etc… ?
2- using any additional app to turn off/on screen automatically ?


I use Lovelace, on the home screen with layout-card.
On the tablet, I run the app wallpanel:

My AppDaemon sends a wake command every 5 minutes via http if someone is present near the tablet. If not, the screen turns off 10 minutes after the last wake command.
Works very well for me.
I also use the tablet for speak commands, e.g. it says “pizza is ready” when my pizza timer is done :pizza: :sweat_smile:

Can you share screenshot from this card?

I use Lovelace as well, and I use Custom Header (installed via HACS) to limit what is displayed on the dashboard.

Sure. That’s my home screen on the tablet:

But it’s not completely finished yet (maybe it will never be finished…)
I use custom-header too, on some devices e.g. the menu bar is not orange but dark grey.
I use the layout-card for making these “column-overlapping” areas like for the meteogram.

Currently HADashboard and the Fully Kiosk app on Android (needs to be a newish version of Android). Fully has presence detection, keep alive etc

HADashboard needs some love though - it is falling behind.


can you explain how you turn off/on the screen ?

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Sure. On the tablet, I run the app Wallpanel by thanksmister (link posted above).
I have a KNX system in my house with many presence sensors. So “my house” knows when there is someone near the tablet. As long as this is true, an AppDaemon app sends every 5 minutes a “stay awake for 10 more minutes” command to the tablet (to the wallpanel app).
If there is no such command for 10 minutes, the screen switches off (standard android display setting).
You can find my AppDaemon app for this here (but if you are an expert, you will see that I’m not :slight_smile: ):

Edit: Please find update “HA only - without AppDaemon” below

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Could you get around these extra commands and using app daemon and instead use fully kiosk and use the cam to detect motion for screen timeout/turn on?

This meteogram is exactly what I am looking to implement on my HA setup…
Would you mind sharing the code? Many thanks :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t have much time at the moment, but here you find to code:

You need a token from
You get it here:

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I use home dashboard it works on both android and iOS and its grate

I also like the dashboard and it contains many cards that I also favor. I’m working on the weather, but your ‘Abfall’ list and the ‘Geburtstag’ display is great. How did you implement that. I would be very happy about links or code. Glad to have discovered the topic of smart home for.

Hi noIT, congratulations that you discovered smart home as an interesting topic for you :slight_smile:
To be honest, I’m not a software expert and those 2 “apps” (Abfall = garbage and Geburtstage = birthdays) were one of the first I created. That means: They work for me, but the code is not good.
But of course you can get the code and adjust it for you.
Both are based on google calendar (I import the garbage dates once a year, birthdady are recurring events in calendar). An AppDaemon app checks the google calendar and creates HA sensor entities whitch are then shown in an entities card with a filter.

Here you find the code: and

Thank you, your code has already helped me a lot to get an overview.
I could also already integrate the google calendar and view the individual waste dates under ‘calendar’.

However, linking to Enties, sensors and filters in the dashboard is not working for me.
Are these warnings ok? Or how do I link entity filters correctly?

2021-02-19 16:26:10.809244 WARNING garbage: garbage: Entity sensor.restmuelltonne_anzeige not found in namespace default
2021-02-19 16:26:10.810816 INFO AppDaemon: garbage: Entity sensor.restmuelltonne_anzeige created in namespace: default

Besten Dank

  • deutsch wäre einfacher ;o)

PS: Probleme machen auch ‘ganztätige’ Termine, da der end_time Wert dann der nächste Tag 00:00 ist

PS PS: adjusted end_time to start_time and now it shows the days correctly.
However the ‘entities card with a filter’ I did not get right

Moin @der-optimist,

thanks again for your support and code. But unfortunately I can’t get it to work with the filter and setting the ad status as well as the toogle-switch!
Could you please send me the entite-filter-code ‘sensor.abfall_anzeige*’?

Thanks a lot

Hi @noIT,

I suggest that you change that to input_boolean instead of switch. Then the toggling will work.
As I said, this ist from my beginning with HA and AppDaemon. I do the toggling with this app:

but I do not suggest that as input_boolean has this “built in”.
You can see all of my config in the repo, the lovelace view you find here:

Good luck :slight_smile:

How to make such a home screen, can you share the configuration files?

Sure, all my config files are at Github - I already posted a few links in this thread. What are you looking for? My config in general? That’s here:

But the topic is more than 2 years old, some things changed since then :slight_smile: (e.g. I don’t use AppDaemon any more)


What type of presence sensors you are using? Are they PIR?