Best Option to Switch Smart Bulbs

I am about to start on a smart house build, hopefully!

Been using YeeLights with HomeAssistant and loving it so far. In the new home I would like to get smart switching set up. I do not want to switch power off to the bulbs, since that stops any automation. I would like to have the switches sit on the wall at or near where existing switch boxes go. I do not want to have two switches next to each other.

This seems kinda of like the standard list of wants for a smart switch setup, but I am having trouble finding something that that gets me there in a clean manner.

I would love any tips!


I use the Xiaomi wireless buttons and the required gateway to go with them.

This combo works really well. All I did was stick the buttons above the light switch for that room and then leave the light switch on all the time so that control is only done either by an automation, the GUI, voice or the Xiaomi button. I have the buttons setup to have 3 modes for each light: ON, OFF and AUTO (motion controlled)