Best platform to install on currently?

Hi everyone,

So, I got a Dell R720 server with 2x 100 GB SSDs and 6 x 900 GB SAS10000 drives in it. I wanted to use this as my Home Assistant server, as I feel like My Raspberry Pi 3+ just is not running well anymore, with the amount of stuff I have on it.

I first tried putting ESXi on the server, but did not succeed getting to run on it.

Therefore, I tried Proxmox, where I see a lot of people are having success. However, I must admit, this is way beyond what I can figure out. So much CLI work, with no obvious logic to how things work.

Therefore, I would like to know what a good, fast, reliable platform could be to run on? One that is intuitive to learn, manage and use.

At this point, I do not even care if I have to buy new hardware to run it on either, I just do not want to spend more hours with something that is way too complicated(Proxmox for example).

Any tips are highly appreciated!

How could you not get hassio running with ESXi? Just spin up a Linux VM and install it

I was trying to run a VM with the VMDK file, but I needed OVA/OVF files as well, that did not exist currently. So I gave up and tried Proxmox which a lot of people are talking about currently. But even managing storage in Proxmox is way beyond my skills.

Proxmox is not very friendly if you lack Linux skills.

But why not spin up a Linux VM and install hassio?

Here is a good guide for hassos on esxi

I used this tutorial to install hassio under VirtualBox with an Ubuntu VM, all running on a Windows desktop. The big advantage over Pi beyond stability, is the ease of machine-level backups with snapshots. Before every hassio upgrade I take a snapshot which only takes a couple of seconds (to either take or rollback to). If you then also install Portainer, you can see and connect to all of the Docker containers, including hassio.

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