Best Practice of Migrating Old config/data from Hassbian to Hass.IO?

I have HASS.IO up and running on my secondary Pi. I’d appreciate help from the community on what the best practice is to get all of my old data/config files (from HASSBIAN) to HASS.IO.

What folders/files do I need to bring over where do we put them?

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That’s a good question; after watching Ben’s video today I was wondering the same. I would save to an intermediate host the following:

  • All of your yaml, both in the root and any sub directories you may have created for includes.
  • Your www dir, especially if you use it to store any images for customize.
  • Any conf and files and your Zwave stuff.
  • Any scripts or shell stuff.
  • Any scenes or automations if they were done as separate includes.
  • Your DB, if you use SQLlite and want to retain history.

I’d then copy over everything except the DB, ZWave and the configuration.yaml and do those in pieces as needed.

Again, this is just a guess. But it’s a start.


So here’s what I did today to migrate to

  1. Copy entire config directory to my PC, with the exception of my log file.
  2. Flash HASS.IO image
  3. Install Samba via the interface.
  4. Copy over configs without any changes except for removing the lines for SSL keys.
  5. Set up duckdns and letsencrypt via the interface, then put the ssl changes in my config.

That’s it. I had some mqtt stuff set up but it had been broken for a few weeks. I installed mosquitto and fixed all those things up. Everything else I didn’t have to change. I’ve got my pi plugged in to ethernet and assigned a static IP via the router, and that all worked perfectly.


Was your letsencrypt/SSL setup the standard setup which uses port 80? I had to use the alternative method which uses a different command to generate the letsencrypt certificate since I can only use port 443 externally.

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Honestly I’m not entirely sure. There’s two options, one which is HTTPS and another which is HTTP. I assumed it was only using 443, but it was giving me a hard time about not being able to bind to 80. If you have to use a workaround you will probably have a problem using the built in tool.

I moved from my Mac mini to on a pi3. Literally just copied across the yaml files and custom components folder onto the pi, added hassio: to configuration.yaml and checked for any references to the Mac’s ip.

Restarted, no errors, all working as before.


Trying to do the same, but having problems.

Do custom_components work the same way as in HASSPIAN in HASS.IO?

They should. It’s just a Docker install.

Like I said… :slight_smile:

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Any tips on how to move my current ssl certificate over to hass io?
The only thing holding me back from moving is the ssl stuff, just started using home assistant two weeks back and setting up the ssl certificate stuff was by far the hardest part.

Not an SSL expert but I don’t think you can do this. I think a new certificate has to be generated on the new machine for it to be valid, right?

Probably, the reason i ask is because i have Several tasks setup in tasker and ifttt that make api calls to the https address i am currently using. Making a new certificate would mean changing all the applets/task :frowning:

Is setting up sensors and things in hassio the same as regular homeassistant… I’m wanting to create a custom python script to get more info out of my place server to trigger automations.

do I have to remove all this below?

  api_password: !secret api_password
  ssl_certificate: !secret ssl_certificate
  ssl_key: !secret ssl_key
  base_url: !secret base_url

Just the bottom 3 lines

and should be like this correct?

ssl_certificate: /etc/letsencrypt/live/
ssl_key: /etc/letsencrypt/live/

those are the ones to delete or comment out

I am also considering moving from hassbian (virtualenv) to because of Deprecating Python 3.4 support - Home Assistant.
I think what it will be easy to copy over all HASS config files, but what about homegear und zwave stuff? How to transfer that stuff?

Docs has you covered for zwave…

…and there’s a homegear add-on…

I found these by searching :grin:

And which part covers backup and restore of zwave when moving from hassbian to

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