Best practice: One device - multible trigger


i have a lot of lights that turn on using a motion sensor. The same lights schould also turn on with a Button - but with different settings (e.g. 10% brightness on Motion and 100% on Buttonklick).

How do i make shure that if the light is turned on via Button the motion sensor is ignored?

I just switcht to Home Assistant after using some other system for 5+ Years …

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In your motion sensing automation, add a condition that one or more of the involved lights are not already “on”

Bear in mind, I’m 6 months or so experienced with HA. Templates probably could make this chore simpler [sic], but I’m not ‘there’ yet. What I’d do today for something like this, with the UI alone, is to start with a new automation and set up 4 triggers:

Trigger: Button status on (assign a trigger ID, like “button-on”)
Trigger: Button status off (assign a different trigger ID, like "button-off)
Trigger: Motion (or Occupancy) detected (assign another unique trigger ID )
Trigger: Motion (or Occupancy) cleared (assign one more unique trigger ID )

Add a CHOOSE Building Block in the THEN DO section. For each Choose Option have a trigger ID (determined above) be the trigger for the actions to be performed
Option 1. Button ON trigger ID
- call a SERVICE to disable motion automation (or disable device if an automation isn’t used)
- turn on lights at determined brightness
Option 2. Button OFF trigger ID
- turn off light
- call a SERVICE to enable motion automation
Option 3. Motion triggered
- turn on lights at determined brightness
Option 4. Motion cleared
- turn off lights

I’m also interested in what others would suggest, I’m still learning a lot through both head-banging by myself as well as what I glean from others more experienced here. :upside_down_face:f

No - can´t be that simple :stuck_out_tongue:
I try it and think about why i don´t try this method. It was the one i was using with my old HA System.

Thank you.