Best practice with initial meter reading

I just started reading my electricity meter and collecting the values in the energy panel.
However the first read value is, of course, very very high, and the energy panel interprets it as I have consumed 32.000 KWh in the first hour of collecting data.
I really don’t like this and foresee it messing with my statistics.
What is best practice here?
Ignore it and wait for tomorrow to have a nicer graph?
Can you set somekind of “initial value” somewhere?
What do people do in this situation?

Under “Developer Tools > Statistics” you can find your energy sensor and click the “ramp” icon on the far right to edit a value if you wish. I did this for a while when my energy monitoring went quiet for an hour or two followed by a spike. But then you get to the “who cares” point.

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Thanks, I got to that point really really quickly after posting. :slightly_smiling_face: