Best practices for 0.45.1 upgrade

Hi All,

i read a lot of topics regarding the upgrade to Hass 0.45.1, and i found that ZWave stop working in many cases, i’m very concerned about that, i have many ZWave nodes.
So i think that is a good idea clarify the best practices for upgrade to 0.45.1 version without breaks the ZWave configuration.

Can anyone explain the correct steps to upgrade from 0.44 to 0.45.1 without any problems?

Thank you.

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I have the same concerns around zwave moving to 0.45.1 and would like to see this too.

(edit: I am on AIO pre Dec 2016)

My zwave broke after upgrading to .45.0, I got it all working again by doing a fresh install of hassbian and NOT installing openzwave (Just upgraded to 0.45, now my zwave won't work. Anyone else?)

Definitely back everything up first though

For what it’s worth, my upgrade from 0.43.2 to 0.45.0 went without a hitch, other than the upgrade taking about 20 minutes (because of the need to build and install Open Z-Wave).

As with all such things, taking backups of working builds before you run upgrades is a good idea. There’s always the chance that things will go wrong because of a quirk of your configuration. This long after release however, the odds are good there won’t be any major surprises left.

I have had no issues with z-wave since upgrading either :+1:

+1 for me too

+1. I haven’t upgraded yet either for this exact reason. I have a regular install (no hassbian, aio, etc), and all the commentary I have seen is very install specific. All my services (OZWCP, Mosquitto, etc) are all individual installs and I really don’t want to start from scratch, especially considering everything is working at the moment

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