Best practices for combining two ESPHome devices to a new device?

Hi there,

I am looking for some advice, please.
Currently I have two ESPHome devices:
lounge-lights running on a Sonoff T0 light switch
and HomeAssistant glow running on an esp32.

To power the esp-32, i simply soldered on to the 3.3 and g pads on the Sonoff light switch.
This has worked flawlessly.

I recently purchased a couple of Sonoff SwitchMan M5 switches and was happy to see that it has an ESP-32.

My plan is to create a new device, e.g lounge-lights-new, merge the entities from lounge-lights and glow, power the pulse counter form the 3.3v pads on the Switchman board and use one of the unused gpio’s (I have some idea o which pad to use) on the Switchman for data for the pulse counter.

My question is, what is the best practice when combining two devices and moving the entities to a new device while keeping the entity names etc the same?