Best Practices for device "modes" (where on/off won't suffice)

I’m looking at building a component for the Robonect addon for Husqvarna/Gardena/Flymo robot mowers - the primary option being mode toggling.

It has three modes:

Returns the robot to the dock, will stay there indefinitely. Could also be considered “Off” for HASS.

Follows the schedule set out by the built-in timer

Will mow until… well actually I’m not entirely sure what the stopper for this is. Possibly when the battery runs low?

I notice the Neato component has separate switches for manual and scheduling, but in this case it is all managed by a single option rather than separate booleans for “on” and “scheduled”.

Anyone have any ideas on how best to tackle this?

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Any progress on this? I’m also a Robonect-user.

Mo (our Flymo’s nickname) is currently offline for the winter, so I’ll get back on this when I’ve put him back in place.

Curious if you have made and more progress. I just got a new robonect module in my automower. have been setting up some mqtt sensors to monitor the values, and was thinking of using some automations to create send the commends to change modes etc.

+1, also a robonect user now.
Until we can use your add-in, i’ll try with robonect’s MQTT integration.

/ Ralf