Best practices for naming devices

I was wondering how folks name their devices. Lets take the following three rooms and the devices I have there. How would you name them?

2 x Amazon Echos (paired in stereo)
RM4 Sensor for IR/FR
4 x Hue Ceiling lights
3 x Nanoleaf bulbs in lamps
Unifi G4 Instant Camera

Unifi Doorbell
Gate that the RF controller in Foyer sends signal to operate

TV Room
Echo Show to see Doorbell
Unifi G4 Instant Camera
3 x Hue Ceiling lights
2 x Hue Lightbulbs on lamps
Sony Android TV
Apple TV (connected to Sony TV)
Sony Home Theatre Sound System


Some nice suggestions here. I wanna keep it simple and short but also descriptive enough to easily find them. Where I wonder is, for example, with 8 light bulbs, some of which are on the ceiling and some on lamps and made by different manufacturers- and some on Matter and others on Zigbee. Maybe I’m looking a bit too much into it!