Best practices for running temperature sensors at a distance? Type K thermo couplings and dallas sensors

I’m about to put 5 dallas and 2 type k thermo couplings w/ 31856 breakout boards. This is in a boiler room I’m planing on putting a ESP32 outside. The room is lined with sheetmetal and short of adding another AP i’m not getting reception.

So maybe 10 feet / 3 meters between the sensors and the nodemcu. The dallas sensors, does it matter where the resistor is? Close to the nodemcu or right after the last sensor?

The breakout boards for the type K, extend the wires from the probe out to the node? Or terminate close to the probe and extend the breakout board connection?

Finally wire type for the extensions twisted or non twisted? I assume that I’m going to need a decent amount of power for this distance. I ordered 3 meter dallas tails and now I’m thinking it would be better to do the power distribution as close to the sensor as possible?

How did you do? I have 20 m to do!

I have 5 dallas @ 3m each. They work fine with the standard 4.7k power injection w/ 5v supply voltage to the sensor.

Getting 5v power that far you may need to over drive the power source i.e. send 6v from the supply. At 20m your going to loss some voltage depending on wire size.

I connected the power inject at the board, I never found an answer as to whether it is better close to the sensor or at the board.

Did you read below? I am getting very erratic data so i am following a number of approaches

any more info about this topic. I’m very interested!