Best practises to modify & test components

I would like to modify and test my modifications of the velux component.

Now I follow the following procedure:

  • SSH into my raspberry via port 22222
  • once logged in and I see the “hassio” prompt, enter login
  • after login i type the following command: docker exec -t -i homeassistant /bin/bash
  • I edit /usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/velux/
  • reboot and test my modification

I have created inside my config directory a “/custom_components/velux/” directory and file but this does not override the original “” file.

What are the best practises to modify & test components?
The way I do it now is very slow.

I don’t have much guidance but I would recommend not doing dev on your main instance just for speed reasons. A HA instance with nothing else running is quick to restart and check the config. It may speed up your process to just work on another machine.

Thanks for your advice!
I have installed the official image to a raspberry pi 4 and nothing else is running on it, I haven’t added any extra stuff.