Best PTZ camera for indoor use with Home Assistant support

Hi, searched the internet and did not find an acceptable solution for a indoor camera that has PTZ and is compatible with HA.
I use HA for everything in my house from sprinklers and lights to AC and heating based on geofencing, I have an outside security system with wired IP PoE Dahua cameras and Synology as a recorder, they are integrated in to HA using ONVIF and they work fine. (HA runs on the Synology to)
What I want is some ideas on a good solution for indoor cameras, I want to add 2-3 cameras that have the following reequipments:

  • PTZ from HA
  • privacy mode from HA (turn off or close shutters)
  • do not care about recording as I will like that to be done on the Synology (NO SD card)
  • wired or wireless


  • zoom from HA (digital or optical)
  • PoE thru cable connection
  • AI follow function
  • presence sensing in HA
  • two way communication from HA will be ideal