Best RGB Bulbs of 2021?

So considering the microchip shortage and supply chain disruptions over all what are our best options for RGB bulbs for 2021?

I would prefer a z-wave RGB so I can associate my living room lamps with a wall switch, but those seem to be discontinued or out of stock EVERYWHERE. Aeotec, Hank/monoprice, Inovelli, any others I missed. I would consider zigbee and/or Hue but I would want to use a USB zigbee stick for direct control but again the Conbee ii is out of stock. And then there is wifi :cry: what are our options there that don’t involve the cloud? I really do not want to go the wifi route.

I just got 4 of the Sylvania Zigbee RGB bulbs from Amazon and they seem to be working out quite well.
I know you were asking about Zwave, but if that doesn’t work out for you, maybe these will.

Are you using a separate zigbee hub or a zigbee stick?

I use the Nortec Zigbee/Zwave stick.

Conbee is not the only player.

This guy might help you out Conbee II not available on Amazon - #3 by tube0013

1.Philips Hue White And Color Ambiance. The best smart light bulb starter kit.
2.Wyze Bulb iMessage
3.Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor.
4.Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED.
5.Ring Solar Pathlight.

How does the zwave work on that? I have the aeotec z stick currently.

I went with this stick as a “just in case”, but have only ever used the Zigbee side of it.