Best router for device tracking?

I was using my TP Link router for tracking until that component was apparently broken in a newer update maybe 0.45/46? Before this broke I had absoltely flawless device tracking via IP addresses and so many of my automations relied on it :confused:

I’ve tried a few of the GPS apps and those seem to put me all over the place. I’ve pretty much given up.

I heard zanzito was good but can’t seem to figure it out, It’s connected to my mosquito server on my Pi but after that idk what I’m doing apparently. I don’t get any sensors for it on my states page and have no idea how.

Anyone have a recommended WiFi router that works flawlessly for them? ASUS? Ubiquiti Unifi? Linksys?

Asus. I’ve used both an RT-AC68U and an RT-AC88U with home assistance and the presence detection has been spot on.