Best SD card for HA

When I set up my HA on my pi a while back I used a Samsung card that I had laying around but not sure I trust it to run all the time.
What’s the best one to go for? Also can I easily clone the existing card to the new one easily?

I have had good luck with the Samsung EVO line, but depending on how you use/configure HA, these can still run into write endurance issues. I recently found that there are high endurance SD cards made for video recorders (ie cameras), that I believe would be a good option.

The “best” would be not to use one, but to run from a USB connected SSD.

Second best would be a industrial SD card. After that a high endurance card (such as those for dashcams, camcorders, etc) would be a good fallback.

Agreed, is the installation of HA any different? Or hook up the SSD via USB flash the exact same way as an SD card?
I do believe I have a spare 120gb ssd laying around too
Would this really be needed?

You can’t boot from USB attached storage, but you can move the containers there (with some work). Other install methods are more flexible, and you could do a Raspbian install and then follow the alternative install method.