Best Smart Speaker

Hello, i have a question. What is the best Smart Speaker to integrate in HA? My intention is to use as a media player, spotify and also text-to-speech .

I use Sonos Speaker, and MPD.

The Ikea Symfonisk speakers (partnership with Sonos) are a pretty good deal. They’re basically cheaper Sonos:Play speakers. (They even use the normal Sonos phone app and HA component.)

According to some, the Sonos speakers sound a little better than their Ikea counterpart, but I don’t have one to compare, so I’ll just say for $99… they’re pretty good. (Good enough that I went back to Ikea to buy a second one the next day.)

And… for $99… it’s a good place to start for the hardware and just swap out the speakers for better ones… like this

If I can pippy-back on this topic…

With respect to “best smart speaker” which ones also have a built-in mic and allow for voice commands? When I get around to adding a speaker to my system, I want to use something like Rhasspy for voice control.

I see that for the above recommendations the sonos has this, but the Ikea does not.
To be clear, the Ikea just doesn’t have the built-in microphone.


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Yeah indeed. I got some more insight on this and i think i will go with Google Home or Google Nest Hub. Both supporting what i need (TTS, Media Player and Spotify) and on top voice control