Best strategy for computation intensive dashboards (scratchpads)

I can’t find this discussed in the docs.

Short version of question: Do dashboards compute in any way in the background or only when viewed?

Long question (which might elicit other insights): I have a huge number of dashboard cards which are very rarely needed/used which are quite data intensive - for example conditional entity cards which recurse through my entire entity list, maps, things which look at external websites/rss feeds etc. Many of these are either:

a) For very occasional use or for debugging
b) Of no use at all
c) Are example cards which show me how to do something complex, or cards which I previously used but have since found better solutions (but want to keep the code for learning purposes or for future use).

I tend to throw all of this code into various “Dump” dashboards for later examination. I have found some slowing down of my interface over recent days, and I am wondering whether the code in un-viewed dashboards is computed or accessed in any way in background dashboards. Are there better strategies for keeping live bits of un-needed dashboard code? If dashboards are computed even if not viewed, might there be a case for special dashboards to use as a scratchpad which are not so computed?

My experience is that cards only render/refresh when opened. This ofcourse at other views/dashboards that are not current. Items outside of screen but scrollable are rendered