Best Switch Strategy for Ceiling Lights

Hello All,
So here is the scenario:
Walkthrough Closet with switches on both sides (TP Link Kasa 3 way switch installed)
Aqara motion sensor (arriving today - will be using tasmota)
Govee led wifi lights in the ceiling

What do you use when you don’t want anyone to be able to turn the power to the ceiling lights OFF?

Originally I was thinking I needed the 3 way switch to make sure the power stays ON but that doesn’t really make any sense.


  1. Hard wire it behind the switch and then basically disable the switch but that just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

  2. Change the TP Link Kasa settings to always flip the lights back on if someone turns them off - seems like a waste of money.

  3. Tape up a sign that says, don’t turn off!!

I have a feeling you all will have a better solution than those 3 above!

Thanks in advance!

Maybeb i’m missing something but if you are using smart switches then why do you need the ceiling lights to always have power?

Won’t switching on the the switches (even from HA) turn on the lights?


I see now.

But now the question becomes why do you have smart bulbs controlled by smart switches?

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You could do the Shelly option.
You could install the Shelly behind an existing switch, smart or dumb (better to be dumb) and set the Shelly to ‘ignore’ the state of the switch. You should be able to still pass that state to HA and have HA control the Shelly if the conditions are met for the power to go off.

You could bypass the switch entirely (I do not recommend this, but it could be done)