Best temperature logger for Home assistant

Hi! I’m new to home assistant and, before buying, I wanted to know what’s your opinion on the best temperature sensor for temperature logs, graphs and notifications/ alerts.

Either DIY or out of the box, I’m looking for something that best integrates with HASS.

Ideally reaching -30 ºC (-22 ºF)

Will this be an indoor or outdoor application? If outdoor, what are the environmental conditions? Anything battery operated won’t last long at -30. What kind of update frequency are you looking for? What kind of connectivity do you prefer (zwave, zigbee, wifi, bluetooth)

The logging, graphing and notification/alerts can all be done within Home Assistant regardless of which sensor is utilized.

I have the IBS-TH2 seating in my refer for several months without issue at -18C, can’t test it with -30C, but the spec is saying that it can sustain -40C.

Regarding the battery I have it right now at 38%, I can check in a few weeks and share the new percentage of battery so that you can have an idea of the discharge rate.