Best Ubiquiti router for home use?


I’m so sick of consumer routers and their terrible coverage and stability. As it is now, i have a TPLink router and many many Wi-Fi and wired devices with static IPs. TPLink router cannot handle those devices and i have stability issues.

I’m kind of a rookie when it comes to advanced networking but eager to learn. My network configuration is not advanced. I just want to setup DHCP with static IPs plus 2 -3 NAT rules.

I have a question:
Could you guys recommend the best of value Ubiquiti router for home use?
What is your opinion about Ubiquiti ER-6P EdgeRouter?

What are the pros and cons etc.

I greatly appreciate any feedback and help.

As a networking rookie you might have a hard time with the EdgeRouters.
Maybe look at the Unifi product line from Ubiquiti instead. (That’s also semi-professional / prosumer hardware but with a network configuration and management GUI)

Also keep in mind most of the Ubiquiti routers/gateways (like most semi-/professional gear) don’t have WiFi built in. (The Unifi Dream Machine series is an exception and has Wifi built-in but depending where the device is located coverage might not be sufficient for your environment anyway).

You will end up deploying some WiFi Access Points in your house. If you look at Unifi, all the gear can be managed from within the Unifi network application (a software defined network).

I recommend checking the UI community: Ubiquiti Community

Thanks. I already have some Mesh devices and my current router wifi is disabled. I will check the Unifi routers

I have a UDM PRO with some access points and have no issues with connectivity and have over 120 clients connected at a time, wired and wireless. Reasonably easy to set up, plenty of youtube videos to help get set up, have a look at

Thanks. The Ubiquiti UDM-Pro UniFi Dream Machine Pro is out of my budget. My budget is up to 300eur.

I am between ER-6P EdgeRouter and Unifi Dream Machine.

I just want a stable machine to handle my 50-60 wired/wireless devices plus 3 NAT rules

Could you just add a few TP Link access points to handle clients ? I did this a while ago, before Unifi, had 3 APs with different SSIDs and connected certain devices to each with fixed IPs. I think the stable limit was about 16-17 per AP

You could start with a Dream Machine and add Unifi Access Points later if you need more coverage.
The Unifi AP product line ranges from “Lite” devices to Long-Range / Pro / Enterprise access points capable of managing hundreds of wireless clients.