Best UI to help configure the LD2410

What UIs are available for configuring the HLK-LD2410 presence sensor? I have both the B and C versions, and recently picked up a 2450. I know there are lots of sliders, but not the most friendly to use or optimize the setup. Something like the phone app but on desktop but more friendly. Or maybe someone has come up with a good set of steps for using the app??


You can use the app if you want and the sliders will follow. Just enable bluetooth while using the app. Because it is a one time thing to set them right I didn’t bother to create a dashboard for it. The advantage is you can us your phone to walk around in the room while adjusting.

The sliders work for me too, in engineering mode I look at the numbers for the distance that is causing problems, and slightly adjust the slider to change the sensitivity.

I had put together a card based on Plotly Graphs that shows the charts similar to the HLK app:

The aim is to keep the Threshold line above the Energy line when no detection is desired so you will need to walk around and monitor how the Energy line moves and adjust the thresholds according when you are not present to ensure it detects you but not the ambient energy levels in the room that your LD2410 is picking up.

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

That looks really nice.